Good Country People And The Lottery: A Comparative Analysis

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Humans have always been creatures who do things for selfish reasons. Whether it be for survival or greed they have always had selfish intentions. Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt, Flannery
O’Connor’s Good Country People, and Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery are all good examples of man’s hidden dark side. But most people hide their bad side away and work to improve their good side that everyone can see which causes the illusion of humans being inherently good. Even though humans may seem like good creatures they can be easily corrupted by the search for personal gain, by society's influence over them, and by their attachment to material objects which shows that the dark side of human nature emerges from selfishness.
Humans can be easily corrupted with
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This is seen in The Veldt when the dad threatens to turn off the nursery the children start to scream “You can't do that to the nursery, you can’t” and then “the children flung themselves onto a couch weeping” (Bradbury 8). This happens because they no longer see their family as important and instead decide to side with the room because it will treat them however they like.
That is why they lock their parents in the room and tell it to kill them so that they can stay with the nursery without being told otherwise. So in order to protect their relationship with a room they kill their own parents because they don't treat them as well as the room. Pointer in Good
Country People also wants to protect his selfish relationship to people's fake body parts by stealing them. Not because he needs them for anything he just wants them to have them. He admits to Hulga that he has “gotten a lot of interesting things” and even says “one time I got a woman's glass eye this way” (O’Connor 9). By saying “one time” it is implied that he has
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And he doesn’t have any reason to steal artificial body parts from people he just does it so he can say he did it, a kind of way to show off his ability to deceive and steal. And it is that kind of irrational greed for objects that shows that the dark side of human nature come from selfish ways.
Humans are not good creatures, they can be manipulated for their own personal gain, society can change the way they think and perceive the world, and their attachment to physical objects shows how human’s dark side comes from selfishness. Now humans are not perfect creatures. We all have our quirks and differences that make us who we are, but underneath all of our individual personalities there is a hidden side. And that hidden side of human nature can be selfish enough that it will take things people need to survive, eliminate anyone who stands in the way of their personal gain, and will try to convince the masses that they are right so they can do whatever they want. But all people are not like that. Most of us try to help other people out, be kind to everyone they meet, and just be a role model for the next generation in order to diminish the dark side in our