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Publication List (Add class section and ID# →) B24PL-17

List below nine publications from your major/field of study. Italicize the title of each and provide a 1-2 sentence descriptor of the publication (e.g., its reputation, intended audience, usefulness, etc.) This template will be part of your grade. (Print 2-sided if necessary.)


#1 – Popular Publications

MarketingWeek: An authoritative weekly news magazines for marketers, it provides marketing news, trends and tactics every week. Also, every week the subscription package gives readers exclusive contents of reports and marketing essays, invitations to marketing shows and events and access to hundreds of marketing jobs.
Direct Marketing News: A bi-monthly magazine for innovative marketers who are looking for new trends and strategies. It offers events, webcasts, live events, daily and weekly newsletters for their subscribers.
Marketing Magazine: A bi-monthly famous magazine in marketing industry. It included special reports emphasizing insight, analysis, context and agency ranking and digital marketing.

#2 – Trade Publications

Adweek: An authoritative weekly print magazine which have lots of news for marketing, media and advertising professionals. It is a must-read magazines for marketers because it covers global advertising, new campaigns and creativity.
Advertising Age: A leading global source which contains news about branding, advertising, media, and people in marketing. The site also provides demographic data and links to resources such as marketing careers, events, and white papers.
RainToday: An Online and newsletter