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The Good Earth In the book Good Earth Pearl S. Buck writes about the daily struggles of Wang Lung’s adulthood and his quest for peace within himself. Whether it’s a drought or his eldest son bickering with his second son, he is never able to find inner peace. “As for Wang Lung’s sons, there was a continual unrest” (Buck 668). In order to find pleasure, Wang Lung looks to his farm, concubines, and money; but will this be enough to bring Wang Lung the inner peace he so desperately desires? When meeting the Old Lord to wed O-lan, Wang Lung is scared of the people in the House of Hwang because he is only a poor farmer entering the house of such wealthy people. However, many years later after Wang Lung and his family recover from the drought he buys the remainder of the House of Hwang’s land. As a result, Wang Lung becomes very wealthy. Wang Lung is slowly beginning to act like the Old Lord without even realizing it. “Wang Lung was pleased that to the great hall where he had stood with so much timidity and in such poverty his wife should now go as visitor, carrying his son, dressed in red, and cakes made as these were, with the best flour and sugar and lard” (Buck 102).
After becoming a wealthy man Wang Lung begins to grow tired of O-lan. He starts to realize all her physical flaws and how unattractive he finds her. Believing O-lan is ugly and he deserves better, Wang Lung buys Lotus to meet his desires. Buying Lotus does not bring Wang Lung inner peace like he hopes it will; instead it brings him more stress. “But after all this matter of the new kitchen became a thorn in his body, for Cuckoo went to the town every day and she bought this and that of expensive foods that are imported from the southern cities” (Buck 434). Wang Lung’s uncle and his wife stay in Wang Lung’s house when Wang Lung moves his family into the House of Hwang. When his uncle’s son decides to join the military, Wang Lung believes the last weight is finally lifted off his shoulders and he can now enjoy his own life and watch his grandchildren grow up. “Then at last there was peace, for there were only the two old sleeping ones in the house in the country besides his own,…