The Importance Of Education

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Waiting, something almost unknown to society today. It could seem like todays generation is addicted to instant gratification, reacting to waiting in the same way a drug addicted reacts to withdrawal. Likewise, an intense and busy life is craved because doing nothing has been eliminated by the culture. Todays growing culture and technologies satisfy the worlds lust for instant gratification and are always keeping people busy. This all makes the world much more chaotic. It loosens the ties and connections people once had because people become so wrapped up in the world. It is even more obvious that this generation has lost all sense of self evaluation and being. Constantly having something to do and places to be gives one no time to be with themselves. This all could result from the common thread within us all, education. Could the tactics and methods of teaching in todays world be effecting the ways the generation lives their life? The most drastic difference in todays teaching and yesterdays is the infiltration of technology into todays curriculum, replacing traditional ways of learning. Literate arts are the most traditional way of learning and have seemed to have been doing a good job at shaping a young person for the world ahead of them. Having an impact on their ways of living and reactions to life in a positive light. Practicing literate arts helps generations practice their lives in a more patient, endearing and impactful way.

Reading is the most prominent and necessary literate art to practice, because of how often it is used on a day to day basis. Life would be tough to go through if you never learned how to read. Yes kids today are still being taught to read but as time goes on reading for anything but the bear minimum is slowly phasing out. It is looked at as a chore for so many in todays world. How much more fun does the new Call of Duty look than that book laying under your bed, or all the pictures you could scroll through on Instagram. Both activities show how technology ridden the culture has become. This all comes from society feeding the wants of the generation more and more everyday. Todays generation is handed everything they want and sometimes they do not even have to wait more than two seconds for it. Book report? Why read when theres spark notes. Its all in the game of instant gratification. And everyone is playing the game. Not just students, adults are guilty of this to, either craving instantaneous results or succumbing to societies needs for it. Retailers do it with “overnight” shipping. Stores like Walmart, eBay and Amazon have smelled out the growing impatience and created services that will actually have something you ordered delivered to you the very same day. Everyone that carries around that thing like their first born, their phone, they have succumbed too. Phone technologies are another huge factor in the decreasing levels of patience in the world today. Do you want to go to the hottest restaurant in town? Make easy reservations with this application on your phone, theres no human interaction so you do not even have to wait for the phone ring and be answered, talk about instant gratification. Book your cab to the place early to, so you don't have to stand on the street and wait for one to pass, that would take way to long, you've got places to be. Today society seems so lost scattered because it is getting to the point where people are forgetting their essential humanly needs. Like that of the need for interaction. While waiting on line for coffee, another thing you might not even have to do anymore, will you small talk with the next person on line or will you scroll through twitter. Next time you walk into Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, you will see that everyone decided to scroll through twitter, its easier and more interesting than the weather you might talk about with the guy in front of you. But what if you just did not talk to that guy and he was put in front of you on the coffee