Good Leaders In Lord Of The Flies

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Throughout history there has been many great leaders. A great leader is someone who can keep their people safe and happy. Any leader who jeopardizes their people's safety or only thinks about their selfish needs is a questionable one.
An example of this is Adolf Hitler. He might not have had the greatest intentions ,but he was a really good leader. He kept his people happy; in fact, his people were the only people who liked him. Another example is FDR because, America was in a depression and he pulled us through it with “The New Deal.”
In The Lord of The Flies we see the consequences of not keeping your people happy. Jack and a few others were unhappy with Ralph so they broke off from the group. Now Ralph is a bad leader he is a pretty good leader, but none the less if you can not keep your people happy they are gonna rebel.
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election. Donald Trump has not even been inaugurated and we have states trying to secede. On the other end of the spectrum, Kim Jong Un. No one likes him except for North Koreans. I would not necessarily call him a good leader but he is pretty well off because he makes his people think they are happy.
In conclusion, there are plenty of examples of good and bad leaders in both history and literature. Good leaders are the ones who care about their people and aren’t selfish as seen in The Lord of the Flies. Bad leaders are the ones who only care about themselves and let their people