Good Looking Man Essay

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Kenisha green
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Once not long ago there were 3 sisters Kapuki, Azar, and little Ayubu who live with there mother but not for long. It was soon to be that these girls will now grow up to become woman by finding a suitable husband and to raise a family. But before they leave the house their mother warn them about the demons that change their form to be pleasing to their victims eyes that wander the face of the earth looking for souls to take back to Gehenna with them and use them as slave. The first two girls laugh at their mom ,mocking her by asking if she was smoking or drinking again then they left not thinking twice about what their mother said, but not Ayubu she believed every word her mother said then she ask her mom what if she get stuck and don’t know if it a demon or a true man her mom told her to pray to our father for a sign that it will help you along your journey seeking a true man. Eight month later Kapuki and Azar came back to their mother house pregnant with child, but their mother was scared of them that she know that they had an evil presses around them and don’t know where it’s coming from. Before Kapuki and
Azar give birth to their child it was already too late their demon child had already kill them both by bursting out of their stomachs and took their souls to Gehenna. The story quickly spread across town about the sister. When Ayubu head about what happen to her sisters she was petrified ,and concerned that she won’t end up like her sisters in Gehenna. Then she remember what her mom told her that if she get stuck trying to figure out if a man is a demon or a true man pray to our father about it for a sign and she did that. So one night as she slumber her father send her a dream of a protective circle, then a baby.She shot right up and fell upon her knees and

thank her father for sending her the signs. Not long after her dream a good looking man who was working in the field approach her showing off his riches and looks and telling her that if she get with him she’ll never have to work again. She loved his word, looks, and riches but still didn’t see a circle or a baby so she told him no. Irritated was the man and just watch her from a far, couple month pass and another man came up to her he…