Good Luck Rae Essay

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Been in this new town for two weeks. Now I have to start at new school. Yay. It's not like I’m not from England. I am, just not this part, this is uptown people. Ever since my mum married Money bags Bill... well his name is bill but I think my name for him sounds better. This neighbourhood hasn't been overly friendly being the new family and all.

*flash back two weeks ago*

"RAE, SOMEONE KNOCKED AT THE DOOR PLEASE GET IT" my mum shouted from the top floor of our new house. I look around, where's Kate? Oh there she is. My beautiful 15 sister bossing a 6ft 4 man around with boxes. I can't help but laugh at this. I sigh. "OK MUM" I say as I open the door.

Before I have time to speak a pretty face girl who looked around the same age as Kate began speaking "Hey, I'm Harriet Shelly, I live next door this is my brother George..." That’s the last thing I hear I'm too taken away by this boy, called George. I can practically here the wedding bells. He has the most beautiful eyes ever; they remind me of melted dark chocolate. I don't really like dark chocolate but for him... I would eat it all my life. His hair was curly and perfectly tussled to give him the whole boy next door look! WHICH HE WAS! Thank you money bags! Suddenly I'm pulled out of my world “So what's your name?" Harriet says smiling at me, I blush and reply “Lily Rae, but everyone calls me Rae" I smile back then George speaks and my whole idea of him gets crushed into a million pieces "This was fun, I'm going, see you new kid." George says and walks off. Harriet giggles at my face I'm pulling and begins to leave when she gets to the end of my drive she calls back "He's a jerk. Good luck Rae"

*End of flashback*

So here I am, standing in front of my mirror in my own clothes ready for my first year of 6th form. My mousy ringlets hang around my shoulders, my outfit is a skater girl dress... casual but pretty adding my leather jacket and wedges, and I grab some money pick up my handbag and leave for school.

I turn my music up loud and get lost in the scripts new album until I hear someone shouting so I take one headphone out and look around. “NEW GIRL” George is shouting. He is with some of his friends I guess. I'm about to my headphone in when George shouts it again. "WHAT?" I shout back his friends make the sound of a cat and one brings his hand up and pretends it’s a paw with claws. If I was a cat I would make sure I did my business on their doorsteps. “Leave her alone mate" one boy near to the back calls. I feel awkward but hold my ground I will not be that girl anymore. George pulls out a packet of gum and offers me one “No thank you, unless you want it in your hair I wouldn't bother." I say proud of the confidence in my voice. A bus comes and I get on it.

For the rest of the journey the name new kid is passed around a lot till the guy who stood up for me before came and sat next to me. "I'm Josh, some people call me Joshy” he smiles I wait for a joke but nothing so I reply "I'm Rae"

For the rest of the journey me and Josh chat about normal stuff where I was from, Why I moved, How many sisters or brothers I have, It was really nice. We get off and then I see the school oh god. "GOOD LUCK RAE!" Josh