Good: Morality and Person Essay

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Dahoom Alsaleh
Dr. Anne
Chapter 1 P-28 Morality is an important part of the human nature. It can reflect our lives from the aspect that we see it from. However, it might be the only way to give us the ability to change our life and society from negative to positive. In addition, it has some different ways to actually apply it in our society somehow depends upon the culture or even the religion. Being moral or immoral person can effects the communication between people. Every single action that any person does has effected morally or immorally. Also, we have to think more deeply about anything that we do in our life. Communication is the most important thing because we communication everyday with the people in the house, street, work, and everywhere we go we communicate. As well as, we have to think carefully about what we are doing. In fact, some people do some certain actions without even thinking about. However, some people are not. Although, there are so many people when they tend to make an action toward something or someone, they would think about it for a seconds, is it the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do?. Before I came to the United States, I used to work in one of the largest trading companies in my country called RedTag. I used to work as a HR Coordinator and I was responsible for so many employees. Every single movement or action that I used to make, i used to think deeply and carefully about it before I even make it. I was a flexible person with the employees. One day, my manger come to me and asked me to be more tough and very-detailed person. If someone was late to work under some circumstances, his supervisor would Email the manger about that person. However, this was the right thing to do and this is the job’s requirements. But I used to give some chances to the people who were late to work in order to change themselves to better. If anyone was late to work for the first time, I used to ignore the Email that received against him. And I was doing it many times until my manger found out. The reason that made me to do this is because there are so