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Lanieka Newton
Professor Stacey Williams
English 111
21 September 2012
Review Homework Assignment
When reading the review for "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" all I can say is to me he sounds like he is being cruel. He has some really good points he makes. He does not see this as a good movie and would never recommend it for anyone to watch. He claims that this movie was made when instead the producers should have been looking at their past. This movie was never nominated because it was so bad and they didn’t have a nomination for a category this would fit in. This may be the best movie ever to some but in his opinion, it sucks.

“Black Swan” was seen in this article as a good movie. A movie of melodrama and intensity and also beauty is a good movie to this writer. Although he says it is hard to figure out what happens in practical terms, don’t have doubts about it. I see this article as saying people don’t like this movie because they don’t get a lot of it. He compares it to “The Red Shoes.” If you have not seen that movie will you understand even what this writer is talking about? This is a movie he would seem to recommend to others if you are into the drama.

In “Today’s special” he hates the SoHo town food in New York. They don’t make anything just a simple dish like most American places. He just wants something recognizable such as the hot dog he gets later. Nothing there is done traditionally. The food doesn’t even look like it normally