Journey Too A Game

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Telem Johnson
March 21 2014
Mrs. Howerton & Mrs. Sartain
English 2 ESS.
Period 3

“Journey too A Championship “ The Boy woke up around 5:00 am to get ready for the big day. Although the night before he packed all his clothes, Nike equipment and socks and shoes and he was mentally and physically prepared for the week of his life, when he was all done the family packed the car with all the suit cases and traveled to Oklahoma for their annual basketball tournament. Thus when he got there the family checked in to the hotel rested up a bit and was back at it again the family went to go get some lunch at Golden Corral they were there for a while then it was time to go back to the hotel for the team orientation. Subsequently, there he will see all the teams and coaches and receive information about the times his team will play and all the locations of different eating spots. Although Now it was 1 hour till game time and the boys were all getting pumped up, he got back to the hotel and started to get dressed for the big day he grabbed his bag and his bottles and began to walk down the hallways to get to the car he waited for his brothers dad and mom as they were as pumped as him. When they got to the arena he jumped out the car with such a flash it was like lightning struck him he walked inside, and right away his blood was pumping faster and faster as he got closer to the door he met up with his team that was sitting on the other side of the court he hustled over as he had a serious face on him they were sitting and waiting for the game to finish and as they sat and waited they went over there strategy and plays as the time was winding down they gathered there things and began to walk to the bench. As they walked by the other team they saw all the sweat coming down from there face and as they put their things down they began to warm up they started with layups and then shots then the buzzer went off. Both teams went back to their side as everybody’s blood was rushing as the ball got thrown up into the air and the fans got quit it felt like everything was in slow motion that timed just stop and we all knew it was game time we went back and forth scouring by this time nobody knew who was going to win as we entered the 2nd quarter the 3rd quarter we were tired and sweaty all we saw were bodies falling on the floor, bodies jumping up and down; refs blowing their whistle the crowds were getting louder as we entered the 4th quarter every players legs where tired the boys said it felt like have been running for day or even months they said it’s like a war out there and we got to play like men if we want to when this for our city and state the coaches voice was gone by this time but that didn’t stop him he still was pushing himself because he wanted the championship. Although this was It the boy says the coach tells them, We have exactly 4:00 left in this quarter so that means we cannot give up, Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent fails to Work Hard the coach told them. That got the team really pumped and ready to take on anything that was going to come. With 2:00 left on the score board the boys were playing the hardest they have every played, They grabbed every loose ball and rebound because they knew they were going to win this not for their state but for themselves they wanted to be able to tell all there friends’ and family that they were state champions. Howsoever with one minute to play the boys friends got a unbelievable shot that shocked the whole arena you could hear your own heart beat as everybody got quit; then out of nowhere there was screaming and chanting it was so loud it felt like the arena was shaking the quarter ended we were tied