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2.1 As I awoke, I felt the cool morning air softly blowing against my face; I must have left the window open last night. I sat up in bed feeling a little groggy, took. A steps understanding assignment, getting thesis ideas, first draft,revise,edit and proofread,but was still eager to figure out what kind of pointless actions I was going to perform that day. I quickly got out of bed to make myself a bowl of cereal when it hit me; I had never been to Gatlinburg alone. I instantly abandoned my quest for cereal and made my plans, prepare to read, read, reread, mark main poins, analyse .in search of some clothes that did not smell as bad as the others. After I quickly got dressed I grabbed my phone, my wallet, and then off to the car; it was time for a road trip. 7.2 started down the road Drifting understand assignment, gather ideas & form thesis, organize and write frist draft, revise, edit and proofread. a first but later on slowing down realizing it was still early and I did not need to rush. The traffic was moving slow anyways due to it being fall and the logic fallacies trys to argue idea on bad pice of reasoning. Where out and about. As I looked around I quickly realized I was surrounded by a group of orange state tags. Once realizing thesis main idea situation I set my cruise control and rolled down my windows instantly feeling the topic what paragraph is about fall air on my arm tingling like thousands of tiny bugs I could not shake off parts. As the intro drive body progressed and conclusion I got closer to Cherokee, I was eventually able to free myself from the overwhelming traffic. Finally after a long 25 minute drive, I arrived at the Blue Ridge Parkway and paraphrasing on my way using my own words “up the Great Smokey Mountains.” 6.3 As I went up the mountain sum to one of ur sources in own words to get itdea, notice an increases in the tree leaves changing colors from red to green, to orange it was as if the mountain was a first person rainbow. The temperature difference was also”” noticeable; direct quotation of importand ideas. it was as if a slight breeze was constantly blowing down my back. After driving about 7 miles up the mountain I spotted a scenic overlook on the side of the road, I quickly pulled over feeling the nerred to tell a story . As I got out of my car the whistling of the wind rustling through the trees greeted me, as well as the sound of rushing creek water. The smell of P&A, farm animals step by step and old wood filled the air and it felt as if I was in another time. That is when I noticed this small dirt path that lead away from the overlook. Being the young adventurous person I was I argued begun to walk down the path. I could hear the buzzing of bees and the croaking of frogs over the sound of rushing water. The more I progressed from the overlook the louder the C&C water sounds seemed similar and diffrentto become. I walked for what seemed like 20 minutes watching the wind moving the trees as if they were made of