Good Planning Leads to Great Stories Essay

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Modern world has an excellent growth because of the growing economy and development in the science field. The decades of progress in science have stunning results that are changing life conveniently to live on this planet. Is it necessary to pay an enormous price like pollution, greenhouse gases and climatic change for our own convenience? The eminent scientists who still love our planet are trying to change the society to make a healthy life, and it can be done with the good source of energy like solar energy, wind energy and water energy.

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. There is an energy source that is available infinitely every day from morning to evening like “Sun”. The energy from sunlight can be converted to electricity. The advantages of using solar energy are there are no disadvantages in using them because it is free of cost, no pollution and economical advantageous. The next best to solar energy that can improve our planet Earth would be wind energy.

The Wind energy produced from wind turbines is a reliable source of energy because it captures wind to generate electricity. The wind turbines built on highlands can capture more wind to power the turbines and turbines can convert wind power to electricity. It does not only produce electricity, but the wind turbines placed at equal distances are good tourist attractions. The best interest placed on the planet can save it from further more destruction, by using clean source of energy as water…