Good Sam Essay

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Karanveer Kang
Mrs. Doyle
English 10 CP
17 February 2015
The Values of a Good Samaritan On August 31st, 1997, Princess Diana was struck and killed by a sudden car crash. While Princess Diana was laying injured, photographers did not bother to help the dying Princess. This shows that the photographers jobs were more important than the woman who was making their country a better place. The American law states that it is required to at least help someone who is in pain or danger and/or dial 911 for emergency personnel to arrive and help the person in danger. This means Americans should at least help others, and that could be the least a citizen can do. Putting a Good Samaritan Law on citizens will help lower incidents like Princess Diana’s from ever happening again. The Federal Government should pass a federal Good Samaritan law. This law will make a lot of people help others who are in pain or in danger. In the crash of Princess Diana, the paparazzi should have called for an ambulance and Princess Diana’s death rate would have had lowered. California has a Good Samaritan Law where the Federal Government will help the Good Samaritan to a certain point. This law helps a lot of Californians lives by getting help faster from citizens or emergency personnel and with a huge California population, it is uncertain that a citizen is unwilling to help a person in aid. This law also requires the Good Samaritan to help at a minimum, and that could be just by calling 911. If someone helps a person in need and accidently injure the victim even more, the Good Samaritan will not get sued, and the injured person will not get injured. Without a Good Samaritan Law many people could get injured or potentially die. There is a Good Samaritan Law in most countries but it should be in every country. For example, when the senior citizen, Lorraine Bayless, at Glenwood Gardens was dying, the nurse may have the DNR, but she should have just helped the dying senior citizen. The nurse would have had lost her job at Glenwood Gardens but she would’ve lost her job helping a suffering senior citizen. If the nurse had gotten a passerby to help Lorraine Bayless, the passerby would have helped Bayless and the passerby would be known as a Good Samaritan and the Good Samaritan Law could support the passerby. When the Good Samaritan Law is in every country and every medical facility, there could be a risk of less citizens dying. The Good Samaritan Law could make the death rates very low. Most people can be helpful, but they also think about not getting sued. Some other people are selfish no matter what laws are made. When the law is nation-wide, there possibly can be more good individuals in the United States. For example, When a California Highway Patrol officer was taking a baby out of a car crash, the officer did the right thing but the officer didn’t take the baby girl out of the crumpled vehicle properly, which made the child paralyzed. The family of the little girl sued the…