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Not everyone comes from a good life and maintains it. Unfortunately I know a person who was once close to me. I used to pick him up and let him spend the night at my house and spend time. That person is my cousin Steven. He grew up in the hills of Diamond Bar California. At one point perfect family and great morals. Father was an ex Marine and mother with a great paying job. Always had everything and handed to him. He was put through private school which his parents paid for high education to have nothing but the best for him and his siblings. Education was always a priority. He never was exposed to violence or drugs. Never was he around gangs or bad influences. That was a big no in that household. He was always exposed to love and a caring environment. After years of marriage his parents decided to divorce and his world changed. He lived in two different households. His father relocated in East L.A. but he managed to try to keep his son straight and out of trouble. Society and bad influences started to set it in one this kid. Still the best education was being paid for and still being showed great morals he started to fail school. He chose the streets over a good life. He flunked out of school and settled for cutting peoples lawns. He then progressed into underage drinking and drugs. He then became depressed and almost committed suicide.
Being in his early twenties now he can’t even get accepted into any armed forces. He drinks his life away everyday and chooses to…