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Causes of Reformation
Church leaders were corrupt
Printing press
Merchants resented church tax

Where did Reformation begin?

Martin Luther
Came to the conclusion that faith alone was the key to salvation
“faith alone”
Believed that all people of faith are equal
Personal interpretation of bible (no need for church)
“It began with attempts to reform the roman catholic church, and it ended shattering the religious unity of Europe”
Selling of indulgences pardoned of sin if you pay the priest
“remission of temporal punishment due to sin”
Martin Luther was AGAINST this
95 Theses
The background focuses on practices within the catholic church reguarding baptisim, and absolution
Statements about the Catholic church
Luthers 3 Main Ideas
All people with faith were equal
You can gain salvation through faith alone
Church teachings should correlate with bible Excommunicated
January3, 1521 Pope Leo X Excommunicated Martin Luther from the church
Martin Luther throws the popes decree into the bon fire
Edict of Worms 1521
Issued by Emperor Charles V banning the writings of Martin Luther, and labeling him heretic and an enemy of the state, no one could give him food or shelter
Branch of western Christianity that identifies with the theology of Martin Luther
Someone who is Christian but not catholic
Peace of Augsburg
Treaty between Charles V and the forces of the schmalkadic league
Prince would decide for the state if they were Catholic or Lutheran
John Calvin: Calvinism; Theocracy
Branch of the protestant church that follows the theological tradition and forms of the Christian practice
Started a theocracy is government controlled by religious leaders
Humans cannot earn salvation