Good Will Hunting Essay

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Harrison Carter
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Good Will Hunting Essay
Several ways that the main character, Will Hunting shows his antisocial behavior is through his lack of sympathy towards others, aggressive behavior, high amount of crime, and lack of respect for authority. Some examples of his antisocial behavior include talking about
Robin Williams dead wife, beating up the guy that was mean to him in kindergarten, cursing at the professor when he was called out for writing on the chalkboard, and how he is never able to hold down a job without getting fired quickly. Will demonstrates fluid and crystallized intelligence throughout the movie when he would complete math problems on the board that took professors at an elite school a long time and some problems that the professors were not able to complete at all. Will wanted to remain in labor jobs because of learned helplessness. Several of the techniques used by therapists in an attempt to help Will were hypnotism, patient centered therapy, and more. Will would push back and not open up to all of the therapists because of his insecurities and lack of desire to talk about his past. Will would not release a lot of his feeling until Robin Williams pushed back and in the very powerful scene where he tells Will it is not his fault, finally gains his trust. By having someone that Will knows he can trust and someone that understands his past, he gains a lot of confidence and feels like he has meaning. His relationship with the