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Writing is a very general subject, and most claim to be good at it. However, most cannot answer the question of what exactly qualifies a piece of writing as good. At first glance it seems like a fairly simple question to answer, but rather when you think about it it’s fairly complicated to answer. There are so many different kinds of writing in this world and all of them can be considered “good” based on whoever is reading and/or writing them, due to the fact that there is no exact formula for writing a good paper. With this in mind I believe that there are at least five different qualities a paper must have in order to be considered good. These qualities include focus, support, unity, smooth flowing, and correctness. The first and most important quality of a good paper is focus. An essay as a whole should have one central idea. I believe that this is the most important because it tells the reader what exactly to expect to get out of a paper. In order to get this focus across the writer should then compose paragraphs that support this overall main concept. Each paragraph should have its own individual main point/ topic sentence that brings the reader back to the main point of the essay. The second quality a good paper must have is support. This is the meat of the sandwich. It gives the reader actual ideas and information to reinforce the main idea of the whole essay or paragraph. Without this quality a paper would just be boring and have no evidence. So overall without this quality a paper/writing would not be credible. The third quality a paper should have is unity. As one is reading the piece of writing, they should not have to question does what their reading go with the main idea of paragraph/work as a whole. Each and every paragraph needs to relate to the main idea. Along with this point each sentence of a paragraph need to stick to the topic of that individual paragraph. The fourth quality a paper should have is