Goodbyes Are Never Easy Essay

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The death of a loved one affects each and everyone of us in different ways. Psychological and sociological theorists have came up with the coping methods each one of us use to deal with the death of a loved one such as; anger, denial, and depression. It may affect you as a human, but I believe it runs deeper than that. At the same time it can be a reflective learning tool of all the things that person taught you. One such person for myself was my best friend, blank and the one of a kind person he was, the events surrounding the day he passed away, and how his death affected me as a person. My best friend, Jesse was the one person that made me feel like a million bucks. He was tall, handsome, charming, and a ladies man. He was a class clown, all around funny guy that made people laugh on a daily basis. When blank moved to blank, we instantly became friends. My junior year of high school blank and I started dating, he was a year older than me. Things were not working out between him and I, but we remained friends, in fact; best friends. I knew if I called him he would answer, put a smile on my face, and tell me everything would be okay. He was a very dependable friend. He referred to me as “the protective best friend” that didn't let any girls date him unless they had my approval. It was Friday, last day of work before the weekend. Waking up to the sound of my phone going off assuming it's my alarm. As I looked at my phone the time read 5:34 am, June 4th, and my mom was calling. I was tired and didn't want to talk at the time, so I ignored the call. She kept calling, so I answered. I could hear it in her voice as soon as she said, “Hello.” I knew something was wrong and wasn't ready to hear the news she had to tell me.

As my mom's voice shook, I could hear her sniffling as she began to talk. As I sat worried and confused on the phone with her, she told me, “blank was in a motorcycle accident last night”. My heart dropped. I didn't want to believe it. My mom tried to comfort me over the phone, but I couldn't talk. I had no words, I was heart broken. I couldn't believe I had just lost my best friend. My best friend of seven years. It's just news no one ever wants to receive. So, as soon as I hung up the phone with my mom I went straight to Facebook. As the page loaded, all my friends that knew blank were posting pictures and statuses about him. I still didn't want to believe it. I called into work and cried myself back to sleep. On June 1st, blank had sent me a picture text message of his new motorcycle he had bought. He was proud of his bike. He couldn't wait to ride it and show it off. My exact reply to his text was, “You better be careful and drive safe. Don't do anything stupid.” He then texted me the night of June 3rd and asked if I wanted to ride out to blank with him to watch the sunset. I had already had other plans, so I couldn't go. But, I kept telling him to drive safe over and over again. When I woke up on June 4th to the news he past away due to his accident, I was heartbroken, to say the least. I knew this was something that