Goodstein, Leonard D.: Annotated Bibliography on Models Effective Helping Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Dana Sage, Danielle Williams, Aimee Grossberger
BSHS-311 Models of Effective Helping
February 3, 2013
Shirley Wilson

Goodstein, Leonard D. (June 1963). Contemporary Attachment Theory: An Introduction With Implications for Counseling Psychology. Journals of Counseling: 10(1). 94-95. Retrieved from This article although originated from a study of how infants develop, this attachment theory of counseling has extended in areas of adults adjusting and it uncovers the theory’s promise in integrative framework for inquiry and practice in counseling psychology. This article also summarizes the theory’s conception foundations and empirical funding that are important methodological and conception advances. Results of these theory-guided studies of social competence, intergenerational continuity, and adult affection regulation are selectively reviewed. Finally, implications of these funds for advancing an integrative knowledge of a healthy adult being able to cope. This article relates to human service workers by counseling adults to the point where they can cope with everyday life and the obstacles that can arise out of nowhere.
Herman, K. Tucker, Carolyn (April 2011). Culturally Sensitive Health Care and Counseling Psychology: An Overview. The Counseling Psychologist. (39) 497- 526. Retrieved from In this article, it introduces a major contribution that focuses on counseling psychologist’s role in pinpointing health disparities through interventions and culturally sensitive health care research. To start off, the writers give a rationale for conducting research that focuses on culturally sensitive health care and some related terms that draws from both the counseling psychology and health care literatures. Furthermore, the writers address the more commonly question of how issues such as, culturally sensitive health care influences the health outcomes through analysis of psychosocial mechanisms of health. Finally, the writers provide an outline of how counseling psychologist’s expertise in different areas can be applied in the field of medicine. This article relates to human service workers by focusing on assisting individuals who need counseling or therapy for issues they are battling.
Meyers, Jane E, Sweeney, Thomas J. (Fall 2008). Wellness Counseling: The Evidence Base for Practice. The Journal of Counseling and Development: 86.4 482-493. Retrieved from This article provides information on the wellness of conceptualization as the paradigm of counseling allows individuals with strength-based strategies for clients to assess, conceptualize issues mentally, and plan interventions to remediate optimize growth and dysfunction.