Goodwill Industries Essay

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Goodwill Industries International
Each organization has its own structure, and breaks down the different sections of the organization based on that structure to best help the clients. Goodwill is no different. Goodwill’s organizational structure allows them to communicate from people at the top of the organization down to each store level. In any organization it is important for the organization to have some sort of structure to operate daily.
Organizational Structure
Goodwill’s organizational structure is hierarchically they are connected through the chain of command. Goodwill has 13 different organizations and each is run under their own umbrella. Each organization is governed by a voluntary board of directors. Each Goodwill
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This code of ethic was adopted in 1964 and amended in October 2004. The AFB members are motivated to internally to improve the quality of life of which they serve (Goodwill, n.d.).
The code instructs the GCS and members of the AFB to practice with professionalism, honesty, and integrity. To inspire others with their personal sense of high purpose and bring credit to the organization with their public demeanor. Other instructions include promoting cultural diversity and diverse values, and treat people with dignity and respect. The staff and members of the Development and Community Relations adhere to the Association of Fundraising Professionals, (AFB) Code of Ethical Principals and Standard of Professional Practice. (Goodwill, n.d.)
Building Community and the Effects of Goodwill
No matter where there is a Goodwill store, they play an important part of that community. Goodwill sets an example to each community how important it is to “pay it forward.” Goodwill provides drop offs for the community to make donations that will allow Goodwill to serve more people in the area they are located. The more involved the organization is with a community, the higher the value of the organization is to that area and in other areas that see how the organization helps the community.