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Structure & Process of an Organization



When one is born, the world itself is the most enormous thing imaginable. As the individual grows older so does the thirst for knowledge. It seems that as youth we tend to think we know everything and don’t actually realize the magnitude of knowledge out there in the world until we get much older. At that point, we understand the need to grow intellectually in whatever venture we pursue as adults. Forward thinkers such as the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, realize the need for vast amounts of information to be freely accessible to the world for the betterment of the world. Starting out in 1998 out of a small garage office to holding a campus size headquarters in California and grand offices across the globe, the leaders of Google refuse to accept mediocrity. With the digital revolution in its prime, Google has ranked one of the top companies that has branch out from their initial role as a search engine to leading the charge on new and innovative advances in technology. In addition, it also takes the lead in being one of the best places to work in the world. It takes pride in attracting and maintaining an effective workforce and creating a revered work environment that promotes creativity and productivity.


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. This mission statement laid the groundwork and principle that despite the changes of business environment within the last decade still remain true to this day. Google also has a list of “10 things” they revert to from time to time to remind them of what they hold to be true for them. At the top of the list is “Focus on the user and the rest will follow.” What ends the list is equally important to its corporate culture, which is described as “Great just isn’t good enough.”
In house, there was a motto that was created one day out of the blue. “Don’t do evil.” This had been a motto for the company for years but one that was established by a senior executive officer where he posted the words on a note for his team to view prior to them starting a negotiations meeting with advertisers. Somehow it just stuck. Presently, news has spread that the motto is slowly coming to an end.

For the next 10 years, Google’s mission is looking to be expanded. Since becoming a publicly traded company, eye opening news releases regarding their research and development programs and the need by outside interests for the company’s human capital and resources is what is changing the mission statement for Google.

TECHNOLOGY Without a doubt, competition among other search engines such as MSN and Yahoo! has kept Google on their toes. Google has made it a point to not just being the first to do something but the best at what it is doing.
When Google initially began at Stanford University it was called BackRub. When the campus servers could not handle the magnitude of information they had comprised they brainstormed and created Google. Years later, their efforts in data collection seem to squelch the efforts of Microsoft as they wanted to proclaim their data index had reached 5 billion compared to Google’s 4 billion documents in their index. Just before Microsoft was able to make the announcement, Google declared publicly they triumphantly reached 8 billion documents. Microsoft quietly went back to the drawing board. Google’s pride in wanting to be best prompted them to collaborate with several universities including their alma mater of Standard University and the University of Michigan to digitize their libraries. Google would provide the resources to get the job done with the exception that Google is able to incorporate its efforts into their data index. Today, many perceive Google as the Alexandrian Library, but in fact, they are looking at reaching a technology that would allow them to create a device that would be