Google Analytics And Tableau Software

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MKTG 747 Digital Marketing
Web Analytics Assignment – 15%
Summer 2014 – due Tuesday July 22, 2014 – IN CLASS
Instructor: Michael Ryan

1. Visit and - Google Analytics and Tableau Software. Write a paragraph on each offering describing the core benefits of application and its significant features. Summarize with a paragraph that compares and contrasts the two applications. Who are the target users?
Answer 1: Google analytics is a tool from Google through with we can create detailed report about our mobile apps performance website traffic and its source. Not only it provides business insight it helps your business to succeed. Google Analytics data is golden. By
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However with high entries on product description page we have high bounce rate(56.3) also that means there is something wrong with that page we have to analyze the data of those customer what was the reason they are leaving the page or what necessary changes should be made to decrease the bounce rate. From total entries on home page 95% came directly 65% of people came on search result page came from google and 54% on product description pace so we can cheq the page people were at before landing on this page and cheq the reason of hard bounce or we can also cheq the other sources where users are coming from.

4.The Globe and Mail is trying to determine if they should be advertising more on Facebook in order to garner a net new younger audience. You’ve pulled the following two reports from comScore to show duplicate traffic between the two sites. Draw a Venn diagram of the duplicate traffic to clearly show the key decision maker the opportunity that’s available. What would you recommend based on the data?

The recommendation I would like to make based on data is that present situation was not very good it can be seen that the total number of unique visitors were only 1,052 on global mail home page which is pretty low as compared to the and we can also see that the total number of pages viewed is also less so the content which was provided on the website is not effective enough. Face book is a huge opportunity for