Google Emerging Technologies Research

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TITLE: Emerging Technologies Research
This document talks about Google as a teaching resource, considering uses of GoogleApps in education and its limitations. It also talks about future trends in education
These days, we can't think of doing anything without IT. Computers have made their way in our pockets in form of mobiles, in our kitchens, lounges and bedrooms, all kinds of workplaces for example -hospitals, banks, council offices, manufacturing units and educational institutions.
This has forced people how they used to work and behave. We are going to focus on changes in educational institutions here. These days focus is on how information technology can be used to change the process of teaching and learning and be flexible in approach. e-learning is a process where the teaching and learning is done electronically using internet and Web based techniques. The teaching and learning materials can be text based or a video, audio. This gives learners an opportunity to access the learning material in their own time and will encourage them to take own initiative in doing the learning giving them ownership of their own studies where they can get support from experts via emails, chats and discussions with peers in addition to the written material.
This report is to analyse use of new technologies in teaching and learning. The chosen technology here is GOOGLE. Google started out as a search engine but in last few years, they have developed several applications which were completely new at the time. Google is still developing new things or enhancing the existing applications every day. We are going to see how Google can be used as a tool in teaching and learning process and going to analyse its effectiveness and positive and negative points about using Google as a teaching tool.
Google- What is it and its uses
“What a silly question it is? Everybody knows it is a search engine”
Yes it is true. A search engine- a website which used the pool of information on the web to give you results containing links to websites related to the typed phrase / question. 10 years ago If I said “I love googling” or “I am going to Google for it”, It wouldn’t have made any sense. But these days these phrases are very common. If the learners of any age- be it school, college or university is told to find out information or meaning of something or research on a topic, they don’t bother to use the traditional or ‘old fashioned’ ways for it. They use Google.
So is that all Google is about? No!! Google didn’t stop there. It has grown to be a very big tool it won’t be wrong if we said it is everything you can think of under one roof. We are going to see How.
How can Google be a teaching and learning tool?

If explored, Google gives a number of tools Search for Information, book search, explore space, create 3D models, create and share documents, photos and calendars, create blogs, easily create and publish web sites, customise search engines

Search for Information
This is the only widely utilised tool of Google currently. Most students know Google’s basic Web Search. Most teachers also know Google as a tool to search for information that is sadly the only current utility of Google in most educational institutes.
Google Web Search- the basic search everybody knows about .This can be used in any class to teach something completely new for example- a class of literature and or language to find meaning of a phrase, more information or research on a specific topic
Google advanced search is something really interesting which not only gives extra options for search but also can perform complex mathematical calculations, displays weather reports, etc. stretching and challenging learner’s imagination, existing knowledge and skills. Google Images- searches images. For example how a particular thing looks. This can work as a brilliant visual aid.
Google Maps- A very powerful tool if used