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Google: Case Study
Google has a great marketing strategy with many components that Google to market to a variety of consumers with diverse needs. Google has a simple approach that sets them apart from its competitors like Yahoo and that is to keep relationships between search words rather than the amount of times a keyword may appear in the search (Kerin, Hartly, Rudelius, 2012). I will discuss other tactics that set Google apart from its competitors and propose some other marketing principles that I feel would help Google stay a leader in the search engine industry.
Google is the leader in market share of the search engine industry holding 85% share (NetMarketShare). That said, one may wonder why Google would want to develop their marketing plan as their current one is obviously successful. Google does very well keeping it simple. The less is more philosophy has truly attributed to their success. Think back to when you’ve opened up Google’s home page, what do you see? Basically, all you see is their name and the search bar. Google’s name is colorful, attracts the eye and is recognizable. This reflects good brand strategy as the consumer recognizes the website as Google and its ease of use as a search engine. In addition to the simple, streamlined homepage, Google has simplified search results to only produce related findings. For example, if you search for a vacation in Cancun, Mexico Google will produce results that only relate to Cancun Mexico. This shows that Google’s owners understand what their customers want and provide just that which attributes to Google’s brand recognition and loyalty from its users.

Google uses online advertising as their main source of revenue allowing companies to promote their products through keyword search results. If someone searches for a vacation at a ski resort, Google will allows a ski shop that sells affiliated products to have their ad displayed on the results page. This is very valuable advertising for the ski shop owner as he’s being advertised in an area that people are looking specifically for his product and Google allows him the ability to track the success of his advertisement with reports showing click through’s and impressions.
Google makes this process easy for the common business owner as well through Google AdWords. What this online tool does is help the advertiser develop their ad using text and select keywords. Frederick Vallaeys, Adwords evangelist says that “Adwords helps you find the right customer at the right time with the right message” (Kerin, Hartly, Rudelius, 2012). Adwords is a pay per click process that allows Google’s consumers the ability to afford advertising with them and their ad is only shown to people who are interested in their business and products (AdWords)
AdWords is an effective marketing tool because it allows the consumer to advertise on the most commonly used search engine in the world. Additionally, it allows the consumer to see just what they’re getting for their money through reports and tools on AdWords. How often does a company advertise on a TV or radio commercial or send a direct mail piece and is able to track financially their results? Well, Google gives the consumer that information through AdWords which tells the consumer if their ad has been beneficial or if they need to make changes to improve visibility in reaching their target market.
In addition to AdWords and online advertising Google has developed other ways expand their brand image with Google Maps, Google Earth and Gmail. These applications allow Google to increase their product base to reach more consumers as necessary. As technology continues to develop it remains important for Google to stay cutting edge with their products in order to preserve their competitive advantage in the search engine market.
One of the largest advances in technology is with smart phones. More and more consumers