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Google is a company that has created a road map for what IT companies should be like; explain how Google can be considered to be one of the world’s best companies and at the same time one of the world’s most secretive organizations.

Google is the one of the world’s best companies. It was found in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while both attended Stanford University. This essay is about how Google is becoming the one of the world’s biggest companies, meanwhile why Google is still one of the world’s most secretive organizations.
Google Company has become the largest company in the world. There are over 19000 employees around the world who are working for the Google. In 2008, the world economy had gone to the darkest period. However just in that time the Google’s market capitalization was increasing to the new high. It got more than 145 billion dollars. It is an only few companies in America to keep stock increasing, they were like the stronger engines to support the economy of America.
Google still pay attention to offer a humanistic work environment to his employees. Google has set up so many offices over 60 countries, and in different countries, it took different styles of decoration which always involved local culture elements. It reflects that Google is respecting the local culture and respecting different employees’ faith. Working in Google Company you will find this is the place where filled with humanistic concern. Not only in headquarter or in office, Google supplies free coffee and cookie for its employees, some kinds of juice. If you spill drink on your cloth, in Googleplex, there are laundries for employees to clean their clothes, and even dry clean service. Google still offer gym for its employees. They can do excises, play billiard as well as bowling. Google’s employees Google employees receive a comprehensive benefits package. It is including medical and dental coverage even a host of other service which is tuition fee recover; child care center; adoption assistance services, an on-site doctor, financial planning classes as well as a lot of chance for employees to gather with their coworkers and even other companies’ workers to communicate at special corporate event. All of these reflect that Google is so concert with its employees. For the one of the world’s best company, employees may suffer stressful. Employees can take the advantages of perks or subsidized a massage program. Google own most professional Masseurs and Physiotherapists, who will treat for employees so that make them keep healthy in work place. Similarly, if employees get sick, they can make the appointment with doctor at the Googleplex. Another benefit of working in Google Company is that employees should spend 20 percent work per week to pursue special projects. This means that employees in company should take nearly one day per week to work on some special projects. Actually the most of Google’s products are come from the Google labs which started out as pet projects. So this why people like to work in Google Company.
Google company is focusing on gather all the information from internet and establish the easy way to people connect with information. Search engine is the part service of the Google Company. They are not only focus on searching information what people want, but also they still think about how to make sure that people can get the accurate search result even if users enter uncertainty keywords. Google is the multinational corporation; they still offer half search results to the foreign people. There are over 60 countries have been set up offices. So Google adds over 130 languages of research interface for users researching. They support upon to the users around the world research service. And follow the trend of the world. The Google Company exploits more search functionality, such as news archive search, patent search, and academic journals search, as well as Several billion pictures search