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talent management human resources must develop and implement talent management strategies. This will save the organization cost in employee retention and increase productivity and innovations for organizational success.
Researchers define talent management as, “an organizations commitment to recruit, retain, and develop the most talented and superior employees available in the job market”
We are taking Google internet company for example . Google is an internet enterprise and popular internet search engine for web surfers around the world. Talented employees are necessary for
Google to maintain a competitive advantage and sustain their goals. This will help Google recruit and retain the most talented and skilled individuals in the industry.
Talent management strategy of Google company is : ——
1 ) Recruitment and employee retention ……
e.g.. Google employees have variety benefits packages that include unlimited sick leave, on-site haircuts, free shuttle service, free daycare, and free meals and snacks.
2 ) Increasing discovery and learning……
e.g.. The organization also supports educational and leadership programs for employees and opportunities to address management with their ideas and concerns.
3 ) work life balance
e.g.. Google wants employees to maintain the best possible work / life balance , so they offer flexible work hours , part-time work options , and telecommunication if the specific job allows . A generous vacation policy is provided and a vacation donation program