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Google Docs Review

Google docs is a free online tool that is used for document creation, editing and storage. It is used to create or edit documents online which allows other users to work on the documents at the same time. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be created with Google Docs and then imported through the web interface, or sent via email. Google docs is an example of cloud computing which makes it free and very easily accessible.
Google Docs users vary widely in demographics. Businesses are using Google Docs as a file creating and sharing tool to complete group documents faster than using word or another document creator and then emailing. With Google docs multiple employees can work on the same project in real time. Google Docs can be used by anyone with an internet connection as it is stored on Google and can be used by anyone who can get online on any browser.
This service can be used anywhere that there is an internet connection. It can be used on any device that can gain an internet connection including tablets and android cell phones. This service is widely accessible to anyone with a laptop or desktop computer as well as a wide variety of other devices with internet capabilities.
Google Docs is a very useful service for file sharing between groups of people or even for backing up document files onto the internet for security. It is very useful for groups of people so that all of them can be working on the document at the same moment as they all can see real time changes being made. Google Docs is also very useful as it is free so that anyone can use it without worrying about costs.
People may leer at Google docs as they may not trust saving their important files on the internet. People aren’t fully knowledgeable about cloud computing yet so that may also be a reason people don’t use or trust Google docs to an extent.…