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Mobile Applications- Google Drive
Victoria Thompson
October 12, 2014
Joel Erickson

I use many applications on my smartphone on a regular basis. These applications allow me to do many different things including: checking my email, listening to music, setting alarms and reminders, and searching for information on the internet. If I had to choose the application that is the most efficient and is used for something other than entertainment I would have to say that would be the Google Drive App. My default web browser is Google Chrome; therefore, several of my apps are supplied by Google. Google drive is used to upload, sync, create, and edit documents. It is even possible to collaborate on a document in real-time. Files are automatically synchronized to Google Drive in Chrome and are even available offline. The fact that my documents can be accessed without a wifi connection is one of the main reasons I like this app so much. It has been very convenient in my recent job search because I can access my resume anywhere at anytime to give to a potential employer. The Drive’s interface is very easy to use and understand. The layout is pretty simple and it allows you to create folders to organize documents that you have uploaded to the Drive. Once you download Google Drive from the App Store you have the option to save (or share) any file to the Drive. These files are converted to a Google specific file format while in the drive and then exported from the drive in whichever file format best suits your needs. Each individual file has the option to be shared publicly, with individuals within a circle, or single individuals. By default the files are only accessible to the person who uploaded and owns the file. I have shared my resume to certain job recruiters and made it public when I wanted it to be a searchable document. Google drive offers a few things to users that similar applications do not. First of all the fact that a document can be edited and manipulated from the Drive is not something commonly offered. Google Drive is free to download and comes with 5GB of storage space; however, any file that you create using Google Documents (another free application offered by Google) as well as files that you have choose to share with others do not take up any storage space. Most other