Google Service Voice Frequeation: Why Is It Free?

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Input & Output

What is a Megapixel?
3MP = 5 x 7 print
8MP = 8 x 10 photo

One mega pixel = 1 million pixel
2304 X 1728 standard
Multiply to get the MP = 3.98 MP
Divide each number by 300 (or 200) to get print size

Google Service Voice Recognition
Why is it free? Goog-411
Currently Google indexes mainly keyword
Next generation search engines will index audio and video and process our voice and meaning
Need millions of sample to develop (voice search, voice input, and voice action)

Input Innovation RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)
It is simple a system which transmits the identity of an object/person wirelessly using radio wave
It is an Automatic Identification Technology(Auto-IT)
Other Auto-ID technologies are barcode systems, optical character reader

Typical RFID
RFID Tags tags consist of an antenna and a microchip where the information is stored the microchip is typically less than half a millimeter in size
RFID tags can be mounted on various types of materials (plastic, cotton, paper)

Two types of RFID Tags
Passive Tags (commonly used)
- does not need battery power
- activates itself and transmit data using power generated by the radio waves from the RFID reader
- usually less than 3 seconds

Active Tags
-It is battery powered
-It has an improved operating range
-costs more than passive tags
-Ranger is greater than 100 meters and 100 MPH

Types of microchips
Read only chips: unique info stored during the