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Tyler Schuler
Observation This weekend I was at a bonfire, I figured this would be the best place to be observant because of the surroundings that you have. This was a random idea to have it with my friends that came back from college for the weekend. We got to the fire pit and we just could not get it going, we figured the logs were damp or something, we weren’t getting anywhere. My friend decided to dump gas all over the wood, we didn’t stop him. The smell was horrible, all of a sudden he takes a match and throws it on the wood, and the flame went like 10 feet high. We thought we were going to set the trees on fire. After about a minute it died down and we had ourselves a great fire. We got are chairs and settled in for a long night. I like being really close to the fire, but I didn’t notice how close I was until my hairs started to singe. The smell of my burnt hair spread through the air, everyone was disgusted, and told me to move for a little bit. The night went on and I was noticing all the conversations going on at once, all something different. I couldn’t keep up with everyone, I’m a sociable person. Not enough to try and talk to everyone. Plus I started to get in a bad mood because of my feet being damp and wet from wearing my flip flops. I stepped in a huge puddle it seemed like a pond, but I wasn’t paying attention so I went right in. My feet were cold and every time I walked around all you heard was the squeak coming from my flops. It was cold out