Google in China Case Analysis Essay

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Google in China
Business Case Analysis
Facts of the Case:
Key - Stick to the most important facts presented (Point form is expectable ONLY in this section) ▪ Case is based on the negotiation that took place between Google Inc. and the Chinese government to allow their citizens access to Chinese version of ( ▪ Google looking at vast business opportunities in China as a long-term strategy. Due to its population size and market potential, China has become an attractive market for many U.S. and multinational companies ▪ In order to establish a presence in China, Google had to agree to allow Chinese government to censor access to certain sites ▪ Google take great satisfaction in being different from other
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Geographic Conditions (climate, terrain, seaways, natural resources) 2. Cultural & Social Factors (accepted behaviours, values, and customs; language, education, religion, social relationships) 3. Political and Legal Factors (type of government, political stability, government policies toward business) 4. Economic Conditions (type of economic system, general education level of the population, types of industries, level of technology)

▪ The two of these that are most applicable to this case are: Cultural & Social Factors The more similar one’s own culture is to another in history, language, religion etc., the less difficult it is to conduct business in that society.