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Google Glass
Ryan Krumins

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Ryan Krumins
Dr. Gaitros
CGS 2060

Google Glass

Can you imagine wearing a computer around your head? No I can’t either, but the Google Glass does just that. Matt Swider states,
“Google Glass is the controversial wearable that everyone mocks until they’re in a position to demo it.” i Swider, Matt. "Google Glass Review." TechRadar. Gadgets Review, n.d. Web. 07 July 2014.
As ridiculous as these glasses look on your head, this technology is the next big thing hitting to market.
First off, let me give you a little detail on the history of the Google Glass. For those of you that don’t know, Google Glass is a computer you wear around your head. Google Glass was developed by Google X, a facility run to make huge advancements in technology. The Google X company started in 2010, creating the driver-less car. The Google Glass originally brought out the glasses with no lenses, but now a small thick frame is placed over the frame of the right eye. The placement had to be careful, as the glasses weren’t made to hurt your vision in anyway. When looking at the screen, you have to look up at the frames with your eyes. Many people were astonished at this new technology when Sergey Brin and Larry Page wore these to events. This is when the Google Glass phenomenon was taken to a whole new level. In the first of their demonstrations of the Glasses, an expert bicyclist was shown doing tricks up and down a mountain. His view throughout the bike ride was displayed on a huge screen, showing thousands of people his perspective. The audience was completely shocked and bought into these glasses at this point. Among all the things that Google Glass does, I basic rundown of the list would include: Reminding wearer about calendar events, alert the wearer of social networking or text messaging, Give turn by turn directions, give the wearer public transportation options when needed, take photos and video along with being able to share them, send messages and active apps, perform Google searches and participate in video chatting. Let me give you an example of how impressive these glasses really are. Say you are walking or looking at a movie theater and wanted to know a little background on that theater. Ask for the history of the theater, and the google glass will research on its database any information it can find about that. Looking into the future, Google Glass can potentially give you some background information of humans just by looking at them. This honestly does sound a little creepy in my perspective.

Computer System!
Now I’m going to explain to you a little bit on what really makes Google Glass works. Firstly, there is a bunch of different ways to use the Google Glass. Like the IPhone touch screen, there is a little touch pad on the right side of the glasses. When you swipe your finger horizontally, you can access the menus, as compared to when