Goop: Personal Life and Henry Mack Essay

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The state is located off the coast of California and is named Greenmoor. Greenmoor is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Greenmoor is a very large island far west off the coast of California. Greenmoor has a lot of forest area and is also surrounded by water so there is lots of wildlife so they have a lot of hunters and fishermen. They eat meat and seafood basically every day because it is really expensive to get imported goods to Greenmoor so people tend to hunt for their food or fish for it. Greenmoor either had the rich or the poor because there wasn’t really many jobs open it was either you were a fisherman, a hunter, or you found a way just to get by in Greenmoor. It is warm year round, sunny all day and sometimes rains. Since they don’t really have a lot of freshwater coming in from the U.S they take the ocean water and purify it through their machines. Some people even take buckets and capture the rain water to wash their clothes, body, and such. There also was no running water in Greenmoor and the government controlled when the electricity was turned on and shut off. When Greenmoor’s leader resigned from being a leader a guy name Henry Mack came to be the new leader of Greenmoor. He promised the country of Greenmoor that there would be constant resources from the U.S coming into Greenmoor, There would be lots more jobs for people to take, the electricity would be running 24/7, there would be running water constantly, he promised other things that sounded like gold but was just said so people of Greenmoor would want Henry Mack as their new leader. When Henry Mack came to be the new leader of Greenmoor he did not do what he said he would do to help Greenmoor. He changed the way of life in Greenmoor. He made so that in school you were only taught to read, write, speak, and learn about atheists and why it’s good to be one. He also taught them that the way of life in Greenmoor is the way to go and they only learned what Henry ordered the schools to teach. Once you learned that he would make you work all day for a low pay and if you refused or talked bad about him he would torture you and then eventually kill you and feed you to the sharks. Henry only allowed one religion and 1 religion only and that religion was atheist. Henry didn’t believe in god so he didn’t want people to have different beliefs as him. So anyone that wasn’t atheist would be sent to this underground prison located underneath Henrys house and they would be tortured and used for work around Greenmoor until they were too sick to work and died. Also anyone found thinking of different ways of life, refusing, teaching kids different, or anyone that didn’t like the way Henry ran Greenmoor was sent to the underground prisons or killed on the spot. When you died in Greenmoor there were no funerals he just took the dead person and fed them to the sharks. Henry also took control over the electricity and never turned it on and made the people suffer and do without electricity because he thought it was too much money wasted on the people. He took that money he saved from the electricity and put it towards new ways of torturing people when they disagreed with his actions or beliefs. Eventually he got a group of loyal people that helped him make the decisions he made that helped him with torturing, controlling, terrorizing, and capturing people. They were like his minions made up of about 400 people. They did what he told them to and they enjoyed doing that. Henry made the life of Greenmoor worse and worse. People ended up taking their boats and fleeing Greenmoor because they hated their new leader and the way he did things. Eventually when Henry found out he made a port where you can only get into Greenmoor