Gopro to Watchapro Essay

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GoPro. Be a Hero.
“GoPro will never replace Smartphone cameras it created for another purpose Capture meaningful life experience” - Nick Woodman
In our project we basically were trying to make a revolution by bringing GoPro video cameras to the live streaming sport. GoPro already proven that they are one of the best on the market (Soulati Media, 2012). Our group knew from the first minutes what presentation would be about. All of our group members were very loyal to the product, which GoPro are selling.
GoPro was created in 2002 by Nick Woodman (1.2 billion $), which was developed camera for surfing and realized that people could use it in other sports such as skiing, bicycling etc. His idea motivating people to “bring world to you
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As a key to success in our market segments we kept the same because we are innovative, with a good quality and with an interactive social community.
In additional to get maximum success from our product we indentified the main messages for each segment. (GoPro encourages you to film and share the most exiting adventures of your life; GoPro allow you to share your life through amazing photos and videos; WatchAPro gives you the unique chance to participate to your favourite matches by watching them through your favourite player’s eyes.)
So, what do we mean by WatchAPro? We will create an interactive web site where you can subscribe to your favourite players in numerous and watch life their point of view. On the web site will be wide choice of different sports, which our customers can life streaming through multiple cameras. It will give the opportunity to fans to interact with their favourite player anywhere around the world from any device. All this elements will build our brand and create the awareness; increase the volume and profit (subscription and product sales).
For our Marketing plan we used the breaking Ice Strategy, which will be during 16 month. At the beginning we will advertise our new web site in the social media; after we will launch the promo campaign of the new online sport channel on a media such as Internet, TV. By the world of mouth we hope people will know better our product and already