Gordon Biersch Case Study Essay

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Gordon Biersch Case Questions: 1. Identify the key factors responsible for the success of Gordon Biersch to date. What concerns, if any, do you have as the company looks ahead? 2. Evaluate Gordon Biersch's organizational alternatives to realize its growth ambitions. Recommend a course to follow? 3. Evaluate Gordon Biersch's efforts to raise outside capital. What would you have done differently? 4. Which offer, if any, should Gordon Biersch accept? Why? How should they proceed? 5. Assume for discussion purposes that Lorenzo Fertitta's proposal is the preferred option. What are the key issues for Gordon and Biersch to negotiate? What positions should they take on each one?

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Case Summary
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However, with the infrastructure in place, they would be well equipped with the extensive growth plan and Gordon and Biersch will be able to focus on their respective strengths although they were skeptical whether the new team will be able to maintain the culture they had so strenuously built (3) take a hybrid version of the former two approaches which will ensure a smaller increase in overhead costs as well as aid the growth plan they had envisioned and help maintain the current culture.

Critical Issues

Angel investor vs. Venture capitalists offers: Main differences | Business Angels | Venture Capitalists | Personal | Entrepreneurs | Investors | Firms funded | Small, early stage | Large, mature | Due Diligence done | Minimal | Extensive | Location of investment | Of concern | Not important | Contract used | Simple | Comprehensive | Monitoring after investment | Active, hand on | Strategic | Exiting the firm | Of lesser concern | Highly important | Rate of return | Of lesser concern | Highly important |

Choosing between an angel investor or a venture capitalists:
Since Venture Capitalists main motivation is ‘ROISAP’ (return on investment soon as possible) Venture Capitalists will always have an almost manic desire