Gordon Ramsay Research Paper

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How much do you really know about Gordon Ramsay? Gordon Ramsay is the most famous British chef that is known in America. He is also famous for starring on many shows, such as Ramsay’s Boiling Point, The Simpsons, and Soccer Aid (Galioto 60). In his life he has gotten many awards for being the best chef that this world has seen. Difficult obstacles made Gordon Ramsay’s life into a hard one, but he pushed through and he turned himself into what we know him has today.
Gordon Ramsay was born on November 8, 1966 in Elderslie, United Kingdom. His father, Gordon, was a physical-education teacher and musician and his mother, Helen, was a nurse. He had an older sister, Diane, and two younger siblings, Ronald and Yvonne. When he was in high school, he was on
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Gordon and Tana got married in 1997 (Galioto 33). Four years later, in 1998, Megan was born, then two years later, in 2000, twins Jack and Holly were born, and in 2002, the last of the bunch was Matilda (Galioto 46). Gordon has gotten many awards like the OBE, the Independent Restaurateur of the Year, Newcomer of the Year and Chef of the year (Galioto 46). “Since the awards got him famous he decided to appear on other TV shows such as Top Gear, The Simpsons, and Soccer Aid”(Galioto …show more content…
He’s had many achievements in his life and had many failures at the same time. Gordon wanted to be a better father than his father was to him and he did. He has made many restaurants and associations, Ramsay Holdings, and these have made him a very rich man. In the end, Gordon Ramsay is a man of many virtues and will continue being the best he can