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Comm 120
09 April 9, 2015
Agenda: Chapter 10 Interpersonal Relationships Types and Theories
Relationship Types
Work relationships
Friendship: Friendship is interpersonal relationship between two people that is mutually productive and characterized by mutual positive regard.
Types of friendships
Reciprocity is the ideal type characterized by loyalty, self-sacrifice, mutual affection, and generosity. A friendship of reciprocity is based on equality.
Receptivity, in contrast, there is an imbalance in giving and receiving; one person is the primary giver and one the primary receiver.
Association: the friendship of association is a transitory one. It might be described as a friendly one rather than a true relationship.
Friendship: culture, gender, and technology
Culture: in the United States you can be friends with someone yet never really be expected to go out of your way for this person.
Gender: gender also influences your friendships and the way you look at friendships.
Technology: today friendships via the internet are one of the major relationship forms.
Types of love
Eras: beauty and sexuality
Ludus: entertainment and excitement
Starge: peaceful and slow
Pragma: practical and traditional
Mania: elation and depression
Agape: compassionate and selfless

Family types
Traditional couple: Men and women who are traditionals are highly interdependent and emphasize doing things together.
Independent couples: the relationship is important, but never more important than each person’s individual identity.
Separate couples: separate couples live together but view their relationship more as a matter of convenience than as a result of their mutual love or closeness.
Work place relationships
Mentoring: in mentoring relationship, an experienced individual helps to train a less-experienced person.
Networking: networking is a broad process of enlisting the aid of other people to help you solve a problem or to offer insights