Gospel of Luke and Father Essay

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Marina Kawasaki
Mr. Smith
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Due: March 8, 2013

MISTAKES are a part of LIFE

The father has a personality that can forgive a son that has wasted his money. I could also forgive a person who created or was involved in a situation that would disturb other people around you. Relating to the father, the father welcomes his son when he asks for forgiveness by coming back. In many of the Japanese old children stories there are many similar stories like the Prodigal Son. The younger son has said that he would become richer with the money he had taken from the hard work that the father and the servants did. Eventually the son realizes an important thought for life. The character in the Prodigal son that I can relate to is the father. The father of “The Prodigal Son” is merciful toward his disobedient son, which show he is very kind. In the book of Luke 16: 24 the father says, “Because this son of mine was dead, and has come to life again; he was lost and has now been found.” This shows how the son came back and the father welcoming him back. I am able to forgive people for what they have done. Even if the situation bothered others, I will able to forgive they learned a lesson. Being merciful toward a friend and a family member is the most important. If you were not merciful, will you be able to have friends that would understand you? The father shows his younger son about forgiveness, and how he has faith in him, by giving him another chance. The father is able to show faith by bringing his son back into the family. The father bringing him back into the family is like giving him a second chance. I can connect with the father about giving people second chances; even if the situation involved many people and caused problems; I will be able to forgive people if they learned a lesson from their experiences. In other words if that person or friend learned from what she did or from their mistake I would be able to forgive. In the book of Luke 16: 31, the father said to him, ‘My son, you are here with me always; everything I have is yours.’ The father is welcoming back his younger son; the older son does not approve welcoming him back after what he did with the money that the father only had. The last connection between the father and I is about the moral of the Parable. There is a children’s story in Japan, that teaches the same lesson as “The Prodigal Son.” The story is, “Comparing Treasures.” This story is about a poor man and a rich man comparing their treasures. The two men meet on a rainy day, on their way home from the other town. The bad weather made the two men stay under a temple that night. The rich man starts to talk how he traveled and got new treasures and started to brag about how much treasure he has. The poor man listened to the rich man; after he finished the rich man asks the poor man if he had any treasures. He answers, “ I have twenty-four treasures but they are small.” The rich man was surprised at the answer that he gave, so the rich man decides to compare their treasures in a month. The rich man says, “ We will have the town people vote who has the greater and better treasure.” As time went by the rich man is worried that his treasure will not be good enough. Then the promised day came. The