Gossip In The Workplace

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The article written over the reduction of gossip at work promotes a somewhat strict authoritative leadership, because gossip is perceived as a minor issue by gossipers due to the fact it has become a normal action amongst them, one must act with a “firm hand”. After time passes it becomes a habit, in this case gossiping in the work place is viewed a casual matter, and consequently the employer must implement strict rules when it comes to gossip. The tips listed in the article are very lenient as they begin, but as you go down the list the problems and solutions (rules) become more severe because the consequences of the same are much more serious. The type of climate needed in this situation is one of cooperation, everyone must be willing to be involved, like Ken Harding stated, “Cultivate a reputation for being a nonparticipant in the office grapevine”. If any sort of negative input is present well then that person should not be part of the working environment. It is obvious they (the workers) could careless about evading greater problems that might emerge from rumors; those actions would just be delaying any sort of progress and would also be giving the company a terrible image. Just like those who do not follow regulations should be reprimanded those who follow these implementations must be recognized for their positive contributions and willingness to change for the better by choosing to not gossip. Recognitions also build’s an enthusiastic climate in the working place.