Got to Learn with a Touch of Confidence Essay

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Got to Learn with a Touch of Confidence As I walk away from another journey, I can say “I made it” after overcoming the obstacles of my second semester, here at Virginia State University. As I look back over the semester, this is the first English’s class a line from a song stayed constantly in my mind, which was “We fall down but, we get back up again.” My experience from my English 110 class was hard but, at the end “I am a better writer.” Even at times when I experienced someone having the ability to steal my confidence, I had to get back up again. As I leave those experiences behind, where I struggle with my head hanging down in many cases, I have the understanding to remember everything is achievable, no matter how hard one can fall. In order to survive in any classes, it is necessary to make sure all of the mistakes are clear before the mistakes are repeatedly down during the semester. Along, with making sure all of the essays have the particular information the instructor is requiring, as I climbed up the ladder in English 110 these main rules became important to me. In order to be successful in becoming a better writer in this class, I had to understand the past writing had no effect on my writing for Doctor lee, because she had her own writing style for the student to achieve. In fact Maxine Hairston claims, “The writing process is not linear, moving smoothly in one direction from start to finish. It is messy, recursive, convoluted, and uneven.” The experience of English 110 surely¸ relates to Hairston. According to Doctor lee’s style, no matter how many copies you make of your paper, just make sure one will survive in her eyes and the portfolio. During my experience, my downfall with my essays was not having enough evidence. Along with not having enough evidence, my downfalls are maintaining my voice while making sure I have enough evidence and while making sure I have enough evidence I begin to lose my argument. According to Gore Vidal, “A writer is someone who writes, that’s all.” I truly believe this quote. I am a writer if I can write, because everybody knows words, and have a story to tell, which this semester allowed me to see. The words may not come out clear or educationally for some, but there is help to build up every area specifically in my third paper, that learning more law concepts and their terminology