Gothic Architecture Essay

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Art- Gothic architecture
The main features of gothic architectures include flying buttresses which purpose is to resist the lateral forces pushing a wall outwards, glass windows which are usually stained into pictures and tell a story, gargoyles, and towers which purpose is to make the building look taller, also the gothic buildings were the biggest buildings in the dark ages.
Gargoyles were found in gothic cathedrals’.
The gargoyles function was to divide the flow of rainwater off the roof and to minimize water damage, but the people got more educated about architecture they were used for a decoration and to scare off the evil.
Because gargoyles were used to scare of evil they had to look scary, almost every feature was big. They had big features, claws, usually a tail, they looked evil and were scary, there mouth is generally open, they have big foreheads, they were a mix between animals and humans, they looked as if they were about to pounce and attack you, they had lots of teeth so they looked really scary. My inspiration for my gargoyle was from two gargoyles that I found on the internet they were different but some features from gargoyle 1 like its big wings I likes but from gargoyle 2 I liked the way it was sitting, so I wanted my gargoyle to look like that. Gargoyle 1 had big teeth but gargoyle 2 did not I wanted big teeth on mine.

Gargoyle 2
Gargoyle 2
Gargoyle 1
Gargoyle 1
My gargoyle has features like the ones on the internet but I made up some on my own