Gothic Genre Definition

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In the book Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler a private detective by the name of Philip Marlowe is hired by an ex-con, and all around rough man Moose Malloy, to try to find the girl he loves only to find out that she is possibly dead. While on Malloy’s case, Marlowe takes up another case that only ends up in murder. After Marlowe find out that both of these cases were connected. Marlowe digs deeper to try, and find out who the murderer really is, and that everyone is not who they seemed to be. After having run-ins with death, romance, and a few inhuman like people this Gothic genre book gives the perfect examples of what the Gothic genre really is. One example of Gothic genre that shows up throughout the book is death, and murder. In the book Marlowe is often the first to witness many deaths, and murders that have taken place much like the murder of Lindsay Marriott, "He lay smeared to the ground, on his back, at the base of a bush, in that bag-of-clothes position that always means the same thing. His face was a face I had never seen before. His hair was dark with blood, the beautiful blond ledges were tangled with blood and some thick gray ooze, like primeval slime. The girl behind me breathed hard, but she didn't speak. I held the light on his face. He had been beaten to a pulp, One of his hands was flung out in a frozen gesture, the fingers curled. His overcoat was half twisted under him, as though he had rolled as he fell. His legs …show more content…
Marriott, and Mrs. Florian, and the tragic romance of Moose and Velma. Farewell, My Lovely brings all of these qualities together to make the hard-boiled detective life of Philip Marlowe all the more harder, and all the more interesting. The gothic genre influenced a lot of scenarios and characters in this book just as it will continue to further influence many others in other detective books to