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The Middle Ages, was a time of art and transition. One of the most famous types of art that was present in this era of history was the Gothic style. First coming out in a public setting in the 12th century, it spread and grew into a style that was widely used, and admired. What started off as a style of art that was very limited to certain types of the artistic world, soon spread to all aspects in the European culture. The term Gothic refers to an era of art that changed much of European art, as well as culture. The Gothic style of art encompassed all of Europe, not only in buildings and painting, but also in homes. Gothic styles of art could be found even in household furniture. The Gothic style of art not only changed the European art style but also defined a whole entire era in European history. Something that started out as building innovations, turned into a movement of culture that has left a lifetime impact on Europe, and on the world as a whole.
The Gothic Era was a time for art, as well as innovation. Many of the beautiful new art styles were also amazing architectural innovations. Before the Gothic style came along castles were already popular. The castles pre Gothic style art were dark damp and short with thin walls. But with the new innovations discovered and implemented, allowed for more extravagant castles to be built. They not only improved the beauty from outside looking in, but also from the inside looking out. The website Exploring Castles points out seven different characteristics that were unique and innovative additions during the Gothic Era. ”The Pointed Arch” and “Vaulted Ceiling”, were innovations that not only added to the beauty of the structure, but also brought in much practicality into the building of these amazing structures. These unique styles helped distribute the weight of the levels built above, to make sure the structure could expand upward and increase in weight without damaging the structures floors below. “Grand tall designs, which swept upwards with height and grandeur” were made possible by the vaulted ceilings, and the arches. Now that the weight could be so masterfully distributed the castles were built high into the sky, displaying their beauty to all the heavens. “The flying buttress” was another of the amazing new designs of the Gothic artists. It gave not only amazing beauty to the new castles but also a very strong foundation. It took much of the pressure off of the walls, which would otherwise be over encumbered by the weight of the tall structure soaring above. “Light and Airy Interior” were very new ideas brought in with the Gothic style. As we discussed earlier castles before the Gothic era were not very nice places. Imagine living in a…