To Establish Cloning Human Body Parts

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HR. _____

To establish Cloning Human Body Parts


(October 16, 2012)

Representative Woodruff introduced the following bill, which was referred to the committee on_________________________________________________________________.


|2 |The Woodruff Cloning Human Body Parts Act of 2012. |
|3 | |
|4 | |
|6 |Congress finds that Cloning Human Body Parts can be very beneficial. Cloning Organs, Hearts, and etc., could help those who are in need of those|
|7 |certain parts. When the media report on cloning in the news, they are usually talking about only one type called reproductive cloning. There are|
|8 |different types of cloning however, and cloning technologies can be used for other uses besides producing the genetic twin of another organism. |
|9 |For an example “The American Heart Association supports cloning research because it could lead to new procedures and techniques to reverse |
|10 |degenerative heart disease.”(Cloning Research) Cloning may help generate new, healthy heart tissue, valves and other vital tissues and |
|11 |structures. There are some potential medical benefits to cloning. The possibility that though cloning technology we will learn to renew activity|
|12 |of damaged cells by growing new cells and replacing them. The capability to create humans with identical genetic makeup to act as organ donors |
|131 |for each other, i.e., kidney and bone marrow transplant. The benefit of studying cell differentiation at the same time that cloning is studied |
|2 |and developed. Sterile couples will be able to have offspring will have either the mother’s or father’s genetic pattern. Stated in another |
|3 |article there are three possible examples of therapeutic cloning. “..Might include the use of insulin-secreting cells for diabetes; nerve cells |
|4 |in stroke or Parkinson’s disease; or liver cells to repair a damaged organ.” (What are its possible benefits?). This would save countless |
|5 |numbers of people, and also increase the quality of life of others. Even if cloning wasn’t for a medical reason, The Human Cloning Foundation |
|6 |says “…human cloning be regulated the benefits could be a solution to many, if not all medical dilemmas. It could be a cure for infertility.” |
|7 |(The Arguments for Human Cloning). Therefore cloning can go both ways. |
|9 |The Cloning of Human Body Parts will help those who are in a medical need. Cloning body parts can become a life-saver. The vital organs of human|
|1011 |body can be cloned and used as back-up in case of an organ failure. When the crucial body organ such as kidney or heart fails to perform its |
|12 |normal functions, it can be replaced with a cloned organ substitute. Therefore this bill provides a second chance at life, especially for those |
|13 |who need immediate medical attention.