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Government site analysis
All the three government website visited have been designed to help general audience navigate through the site easily. The three government sites visited are The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Travel.State.Gov and United States Senate. The three sites were structured effectively by chunking, which is described as, "breaking information down into discrete, digestible units, based on the reader's needs and the document's purpose." (Gurak & Lannon, 2013, p 89) The information across the top of the screen is in categories. All the websites utilized sequence and outlining format to convey information effectively. Even though the websites are structured to make it easier to access the basic information, however, in order to get the materials, one have to navigate through the links, the extra navigating is frustrating for the audience. The websites designers must be driven to provide basic information to the audience that are not willing to make calls to get the exact information they need because enough information is not given. Unlike the printed documents, there is no overview or a conclusion to summarize the information.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs United States Department of Veterans Affairs was the first government website visited, chunking, outlines and headings were mostly used through out the website. Chunking was used to divide the information into variety of ways. The use of chunking made it easy for an audience to navigate to the interested part of the site. For example, a veteran looking for home loan will know to navigate straight to “home loans for veterans” for their informations. Headings were used to introduce what the veterans will expect when clicking on the “Home loans for veterans". After navigating through the site, it was followed by sets of instructions outlining the sections to select from. These same sequences were used through out the site, depending on what the interest of the audience, whether is for veteran services, business, media room and home loan.

Travel.State.Gov The second site visited was the service of the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Along side with chunking, headings, chronological sequence, and overview, which is used in "a longer, more complex document to help readers preview what they can expect" (Gurak & Lannon, 2013, P 98) were best utilized on this website. The first page of provides an overview on who need the visa, the use of visa, and where to navigate for more information. Chunking and headings were utilized precisely to make navigation easy for the audience whether to find forms or the visa fees required. Chronological sequence was really beneficial to audience that needs the visa. For example, the process of getting a temporary travel visa to the United States was structured from how to fill the form DS-160 to when to make the visa processing fee. United States Senate The last website visited was the most noted structuring formats is the site used of paragraphing, which is described as "the process of shaping your information within paragraphs" (Gurak & Lannon, 2013, P 92) and chunking a lot to inform audience. The site was grouped using chunks and headings to make the information easier to have focus. Paragraphing coherence was used through out the site to shape and deliver the information to the audience. They used paragraphing strcuture to link the information each picture that was presented at the front page and subsequent pages navigated through. For example, "Celebrating women's history month" was introduced with paragraphing and women picture was shown. These were used through out the site.

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