Essay on Government and Margaret Fuller

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The Great Lawsuit, by Margaret Fuller shows a turning point for women. Margaret Fuller talks about the women’s role in life, society and the way that she looked at it. She explains the way in which men see a woman’s role and how they can be so prejudice towards women. She then goes on to explain how a woman also sees her role in life and society. Fuller wants to get across that there is much more than what a woman’s role is and that she can be so much more. She is pointing out the one standard way, in which a man may see a woman. How he believes a woman should carry herself, but also tells us of men who look at a woman more than what her role is and what makes them a woman. Her point is to tell woman and men that they need to stop looking at the woman as just her role but to look beyond who she really is and can be. That a woman can do just as much and more as a man. Even today the world as a whole still has a “glass ceiling” view on working white collared jobs. Women like Margaret Fuller has made that way for women to stick up for themselves and let their voice be heard.

In Resistance to Civil Government, Henry David Thoreau is trying to do an illustration that the government can and should be better than it is. His argument stresses that the state should be controlled less by the ideals of a select few that have found themselves at the top spots and more as the average man, insignificant in himself, but the veritable backbone of the state, would have it run. We as a