Essay on Government and Modern Society

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Jakeia Morris
May 6, 2014
English IV
Ms. Norton

Is there a such thing as equality?

Equality is the value of having the same rights, ability, rank, necessary ability, strength etc. There’s no way in the world that equality will ever exist. People will always voice their own opinions, the government will never make laws that will satisfy the world and people will not be able to just do whatever they want to do. When it comes down to ones opinions equality is out the map. What some people may think is okay others may not think that it’s okay. New inventions, TV shows and etc. that come out every day. For example, some people may enjoy watching the show “Family Guy”, but others may think the show is inappropriate to show on air. Bottom line is that if the government forced minor laws about what can be shown on TV and what can’t be people will be upset. There’s no equality because there’s a disagreement going on. The government will always make laws that everyone will not agree to. When laws are passed it’s not like people themselves have a say so about the law. The representatives and the senates of the capital will decide whether laws should be passed or not. So when they pass laws and people then begin to watch the news and hear about them some people get very angry. The nation’s current fiscal difficulties will surely force government to do less than many people want, and the public sector will have to become smarter, more productive, and more