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Did the British Coalition Reforms address the problem?
Fixed Term Parliament Act passed –meant every 5 years there had to be a general election, people power over executive power
E petitions set up any with 100000 signatures are eligible to be debated in parliament – more voice for the people, our rights, what we want to discuss being a priority.
Primary Elections – everybody decide who should stand, more democratic
AV Referendum failed, to change the voting system from majoritarian to proportional representation (referendum was a Liberal Democrat agenda) the failure of the electoral reform means the first past the post system is still running

Role of Parliament as Representative
Reform of Parliamentary business, committee for management of backbench business and House Business Committee set up June 2010 one day a week backbenchers decide the business before the House and in Westminster Hall – more voice for back benchers
Select Committee - before coalition, members of the committee were chosen by the whips, bias to PM, members should be picked from MP’s of the party in parliament. P, controls timetable, if back benchers wanted it, they should decide when its discussed

House of Lords reform was defeated by the Conservatives in the Lords – power should given to elected leaders, MP’s – (In Liberal Democrat Agenda)
Pending proposal to reduce the number of MPs to 600.
Civil Liberties Protection of Freedom Act 2012 – protected