Government and Water Stig- Capital Essay

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ONE is talking about how we characterize the nature of the world

Stiglitz is the most compelling, he talks about government policies
Not Klare because we always know resources are limited
Fresh water-which is limited-melting iceberg, desalination of water are UNREALISTIC
Klare is the least compelling because he's unrealistic

Friedman- technology and communication is taking over the world
-talk about the lexus & olive tree
Globalisation is defining the world FOR SHIZ


part3. Its already happening -MEIN KAMPF - technology is prevailing over government systems- the rest of the world gets involved in

-One power will always have an advantage over the other.
-Stiglitz is about how the market is run etc

Klare's nat resource- oil water
Stig- capital in the market if no erg, that can create glob crisis-if the market blows up it can affect the whole world-countries invest in other ones BECAUSE GLOBALISATION IS CHARACTERIZED BY THE MARKET, ONE COUNTRY WILL ALWAYS BE AFFECTED BY THE OTHERRR!
Friedman- Tech -Malysian president- its harder for Friedman to make his points because technology keeps evolving

The market will always exist, if foreign investors don't invest in one, they will invest in another
If we run out…..?! -

Rescource wars- we are living in a world with technology, so if resources run out, tech will find alternatives,- faster ways to desalinate water, link friedman in, technology is taking over…we will