Government Class Passing A Bill Essay

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Did you know that United States places 17th in education that is ranked worldwide. This could all be due to what we call standardized tests. These tests are apparently crucial to our education. In reality these test cost us a fortune, and turns out Standardized Tests could be all for nothing. The highest ranked country in the world for education would be Finland whilst Finland does not take standardized testing. Actually many of the countries that fall from 2nd to 10th don’t incorporate themselves with standardized testing. Is the United States foolish to think that standardized testing will help increase the youth’s education, when kids in other countries don’t and there education is higher ranked then the U.S? A teacher from the states took a trip to Finland and saw out the education program. He was very surprised to find out how Finland even taught in general, and the policy’s that they even use. ( & Now the U.s has to ask itself, is standardized testing even necessary? According to a blogger on, “those tests aren’t necessary because they don’t teach us what we don’t already know or teach us nothing at all”. Not to mention people have begun to game the system. Now what that means is you could take the test so many times (over and over) and start getting good at taking them so you’ll never do badly. Standardized testing cost’s a fortune, up to 1.7 billion dollars. Best part is, this bill requires no money at all. If we were to stop testing and save that money we spend on the tests, we could definitely help with the social security problems we have been dealing with in our country. Some